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Equipment Control

Bowie and Dick - Test Pack

Air leaks in the sterilization chamber are a threat to sterilization safety and daily monitoring of steam sterilizers with Bowie & Dick test pack is a must to determine the sterilizer malfunctions at an early stage.

AYKA Bowie & Dick test pack comes preassembled and ready to use. The advantages of the single use pack are absolute safe in handling and documentation.

The process indicator on the pack's label shows that the pack has been used. The inserted color sheet changes color from blue to black during proper sterilization. This color change is not reversible.

The instruction for use and further information concerning date of manufacture, expiry, lot no and recommended storage conditions are printed on the test pack.

Single use test pack complies the requirements of the ISO 11140-4.

Chemical Indicator are considered as Class B Medical Device Under Medical Device Rules, 2017 vide G.S.R. 78 (E) by Govt. of India

Ordering Information


Description Cat No. Packaging
BOWIE & DICK TEST PACK IBDT115125P 20 Packs / Box

Product Description

Brands AYKA
Cat No IBDT115125P
Overall Length 125MM
Overall Width 115MM
Height 32MM
Product Type Bowie-Dick
Product Use Equipment Monitoring
Sterilization Method Steam
Colour Change Blue to Black
Units per Case 20

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