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  • 173, HSIIDC Industrial Estate, Rai, Sonipat (Haryana)

About Us

Ayka Medical Inc.

Established in 2017, Ayka Medical Inc is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of various medical packaging and Sterilization monitoring products , including Indicator Strips, Sterilization Pouches, Sterilization Rolls, Sterilization Wrapping Paper, Biological Indicators, Indicator Tapes, and Steam Batch Control Test Kits. Our dedicated professionals ensure that only superior materials are utilized in the development process. Moreover, we conduct rigorous checks on multiple parameters to guarantee the quality of our products before shipping them to our customers' destinations.

Ayka specializes in the production of sterilization packaging, prioritizing the utmost safety and security for the medical device industry and hospital use. With a team of experienced professionals in this field, we build upon established processes and employ cutting-edge equipment to ensure consistency and unwavering reliability. Our manufacturing approach leaves no room for compromise, as we meticulously select top-quality raw materials, subjecting them to thorough scrutiny at each stage. By constantly innovating our processes, we deliver high-performance products at competitive prices. Ayka capitalizes on the expertise of our knowledgeable staff to offer the widest range of solutions available from a single source. When you choose Ayka, you can trust in our commitment to reliability and impeccable precision.


About Us

  • Each Process is carried out in class 8 cleanroom as per ISO 14644 norms.
  • Full automation in equipment is one way we take care of total cleanliness.
  • Trained, qualified and experienced personal with a passionate dedication to highest levels of quality.
  • Highest standards, they are backed by a highly dedicated and well documented approach to hygiene management.
  • Risk Management is integral to our produces and is equally important. We are so focused on absolute sterility that even printing is carried out in total clean room environment.

End to End Sterile
Cleanroom Production Environment

Uncompromising approach, flexibility in customization

Ayka focuses on manufacturing sterilization packaging to the highest levels of safety and security for the medical device industry and for use in hospitals as well.

Set up and operated by professionals with industry experience in this segment, Ayka builds on existing processes and uses proven, state of art equipments in the hands of top experts to assure consistency and total reliability.

With a no-compromise approach to manufacturing, we choose only the highest quality raw materials, checked at each stage and then innovate processes to deliver high performance products at reasonable prices.

Ayka leverages its knowledge and proven expertise of its people to create the widest range of solutions available from a single source. When you have Ayka you have the guarantee of reliability and precise perfection.

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